[sdw] Inverse property for ssn:hasSubSystem

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== Inverse property for ssn:hasSubSystem ==

I'd like to point out that adding an inverse property for ssn:hasSubSystem may be an improvement.

The application that I'm developing now knows the URLs of sensors from the start, but not the system hierarchy in which the sensor is deployed, so the goal is to host at the URL of the sensor what its parent system is. This is impossible with the ssn:hasSubSystem property, I would need the inverse property, which does not exist. 

And once the application fetches the semantic description of a sensor's parent system, it should read if it also has a parent system, and so on. Again, this isn't possible with ssn:hasSubSystem.

I guess I'm going to write a little extension to the ssn ontology to provide an inverse property for ssn:hasSubSystem.

But maybe such a change would benefit other developers. I see that you thought of this already anyway, since you have this statement in the ssn ontology file:

ssn:System rdfs:subClassOf [ 
    a owl:Restriction ; 
    owl:onProperty [ 
        owl:inverseOf ssn:hasSubSystem 
    ] ; 
    owl:allValuesFrom ssn:System 

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