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My goal would be to update our BP implemenation report so that the style is consistent with the one from PSMA / Jo after the recent edits. But that will be next week for me, too.

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On 31. Jul 2018, at 15:48, Linda van den Brink <<>> wrote:

As I said, happy to do it next week. If we’re the only two working, it doesn’t matter much though ;)

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I can’t do much this week I’m afraid. Honestly, I thought it was next week ;)


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On 31 Jul 2018, at 7:59 pm, Linda van den Brink <<>> wrote:

Hi all,

Since this week is the first week of August (although not the first full week), it’s time for the focus days. Sorry for this late notice. I don’t expect many people to be around working, but if you are, now is the time to do lots of work related to SDW!

If people want to have the focus week next week, let me know and we can do that. We have no clear rule about it having to be the first *full* week of the month.

Just a reminder about what these focus days are: instead of having telecons we try to free our calendars up for some SDWIG work in the first week of each month and  get some simultaneous action done.

Activity leaders: please send updates to the group, indicating where you need help or feedback.

I will be working on the roadmap this week and will be extra fast answering emails, PRs, chats etc. Currently I’m creating the HTML and JSON for the actual roadmap. When I’m done, Francois promised to do a technical review and will let me commit them to w3c/web-roadmaps. When that’s done, I’ll ask the group for feedback.

Have fun!


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