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[sdw] new commits pushed by MichaelGordon

From: Michael Gordon via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018 08:34:11 +0000
To: public-sdwig@w3.org
Message-ID: <push-c5b71af0b9fe23f359d20bd2369f19672fbe7748-1532853249-sysbot+gh@w3.org>

The following commits were just pushed by MichaelGordon to https://github.com/w3c/sdw:

* Added page to store examples of best practices

There is a need to promote the best practices, and show examples
of how to implement them. This page serves as a register of examples
of the best practice implementations to help others reach compliance.

This starts with Dutch Kadaster's services, and PSMA Australia's
G-NAF Linked Data Demonstrator.
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Build template for best practices examples

Need to build at template to help people create examples of best
practice implementations. This has been done using PSMA Australia's
Linked Data Demonstrator as an example.
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Make Git ignore .idea
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Testing checkboxes in HTML
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Changed exemplar documents to match PROV implementation report format

Pushed compliance scorecard into register to allow for quick summary
of compliance, and to support users prioritising following links based
on better information. This allowed for a change in the format of the
implementation report to include greater detail.
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Testing fix to table
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Fixing wording to support new structure and testing checkbox
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* testing checkboxes
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* another test of checkboxes
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* testing checkboxes again
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Added Dutch Kadaster exemplars into the Exemplar home
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Update BP-exemplars.md

"Key registers" is a better description than "A-dienst". It refers to several datasets. Kadaster is not the dataset owner, but the party responsible for publishing several key registers containing Dutch reference data such as topographic data (at two different levels of detail), cadastral parcels and buildings & addresses. I'll chase the links for these.
"B-dienst" are experimental data publications that may not be maintained. I think it's better to remove these.
  by Linda van den Brink

* Update BP-exemplars.md

Better name for Kadaster datasets
  by Linda van den Brink

* Merge pull request #1047 from w3c/lvdbrink-patch-1

Update BP-exemplars.md
  by Michael Gordon

* Add best practice implementation 3
  by Clemens Portele

* Small addition to BP12
  by Clemens Portele

* Add scorecard overview
  by Clemens Portele

* Try to fix table
  by Clemens Portele

* Remove table
  by Clemens Portele

* try again
  by Clemens Portele

* change heading
  by Clemens Portele

* Added more best practices to the implementation report

This is an intermediate push
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Added tests from BPs to Implementation Report

In order to increase the value of the implementation report,
the tests from the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices were
added to the implementation report. The title Exemplar was
changed to Implementation Report to respond to feedback from
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Merge pull request #1056 from w3c/bp-exemplar-cp

Add best practice implementation 3
  by jabhay

* Merge branch 'jabhay-bp-exemplars' of https://github.com/w3c/sdw into jabhay-bp-exemplars
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Completed BP links and changed exemplar to implementation report

Responding to comments from Clemens relating to a preference for
the term implementation report over exemplar.
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Changed file names from exemplar to implementation report

Responding to feedback from Clemens re: preference for
implementation report over exemplar
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Noted requirement to confirm WGS84 need and fixed n/a's

BP7 test checks whether data is available in a global CRS as a
minimum. Need to test whether this must be supported, or whether
"as a minimum" means at least as close as a global CRS in which
case GDA94 is better.
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Updated intro, BP 1 & 2
  by Nicholas Car

* Merge pull request #1059 from nicholascar/patch-1

Updated intro, BP 1 & 2
  by jabhay

* Fixed minor acronym mistake
  by Joseph Abhayaratna

* Merge pull request #1061 from w3c/jabhay-bp-exemplars

Jabhay bp exemplars
  by Michael Gordon
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