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Bill et al,
You will not be surprised that we – Ordnance Survey – are in conversation with the UK’s Government Digital Service about a) adding location / geometry to some of their existing registers (e.g. of local authorities); b) an address register.

Not all the complexities are political and commercial. For example, at present, GDS’s data quality expectation is very high: the current registers have relatively few entries, so it’s possible to imaging them being 100% correct. Once that expands to some 30 million addresses, with 9000 added per month, the ‘completeness’ criteria needs to mature.


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Thanks Francois for the minutes of the call this week - just looking through those, there were a couple of things I would have said if there:

- I have good contacts at the Open Data Institute in the UK - Swirrl is a long-time member - and would be happy to follow up with them to raise awareness and seek support for SDWBP.  Happy to discuss with Michael and others what particular action we might be asking them for.

- the UK government linked data group has not been active for 2 or 3 years.  (I was a member of it when it was active). As Michael mentioned, there is however active work on 'registers' in the UK, led by the Government Digital Service.  See  That does involve creating some maintained identifier sets for spatial things (as well as some registers of things that are not spatial) though the approach taken has been deliberately to keep the information about items in the register very minimal, so I'm not aware of any register that includes location, address, or geometry data.

I've spoken in various contexts to a range of uk govt folks about the SDWBP and will certainly keep doing that!  I know that at least some people at the Office for National Statistics and the Environment Agency are aware of it and interested for example.



On 19 January 2018 at 17:49, Francois Daoust <<>> wrote:
Hi all,

The minutes of Wednesday's Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices call are available at:

... and copied as raw text below.


Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices subgroup call
17 January 2018

   [2]Agenda [3]IRC log




          Andrea Perego, Clemens Portele, Joseph Abhayaratna,
          Linda van den Brink, Michael Gordon, Chris Little

          Bill, Francois, Scott




     * [4]Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

   <MichaelGordon> [5]<>


   MichaelGordon: Link to work items and activities from last
   meeting (see link)
   … discuss potential actions and milestones - what is our plan
   … A small group meeting monthly.
   … Some organisations we might want to approach, some potential
   activities including gathering examples
   … and lastly the list of known gaps

   <josephabhayaratna> +1 for encouraging adoption

   MichaelGordon: Interest in adoption activities?

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   <ClemensPortele> +1

   <brinkwoman> +1

   ChrisLittle: Interest in the "Describing dataset structure and
   service behaviors" gap

   MichaelGordon: That is something that we could work on later
   during the year

   MichaelGordon: Main focus on adoption encouragement and

   MichaelGordon: We have a list on the GitHub page. Anything to
   add, organisations you are already working on/with?

   ChrisLittle: Simon already started ... (sorry, I missed that)

   brinkwoman: The Open Data Institute could also be a good

   MichaelGordon: Anyone has connections to ODI?

   <AndreaPerego> Not me.

   <AndreaPerego> I guess we are talking about [6]http://<>


   MichaelGordon: Let's put this on the list after the call and
   see if anyone in the wider group has connections

   brinkwoman: Use W3C developer meetups?

   MichaelGordon: Absolutely, let's use the W3C connections

   ChrisLittle: Presentation at the INSPIRE Conference in
   September 2018 (Antwerp)

   <AndreaPerego> [7]



   josephabhayaratna: Government in general (data publication)

   MichaelGordon: There are already such activities in the UK

   <brinkwoman> I meant [8]


   josephabhayaratna: Is the linked data group in the UK still

   <AndreaPerego> Thanks, Linda!

   MichaelGordon: Yes, currently focussed on registers

   josephabhayaratna: Something similar going on in Australia

   <brinkwoman> There's also the dutch linked data group<>

   MichaelGordon: One of the heads of ODI has been at OS recently

   ClemensPortele: Should we also include links to publicly
   available material promoting the SDWBP on the GitHub page?

   MichaelGordon: Yes, good idea

   MichaelGordon: Lets discuss the messaging, what messages do we
   want to emphasize

   ChrisLittle: Should we think by domains? A big community is the
   space community, working in their silo.

   <josephabhayaratna> +1 for giving that a go

   MichaelGordon: Do we think structuring by domain is a good

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   MichaelGordon: Please add domains (and your name) on the github

   AndreaPerego: one of the topics is interoperability of spatial
   and statistical data
   … address specific bits together with the statistical

   <AndreaPerego> This especially applies to UNGGIM.

   MichaelGordon: So, we got a few actions to go through. That
   helps with the immediate milestones.
   … Any thoughts on milestones for the next three months or so?

   <AndreaPerego> Need to think about it...

   brinkwoman: An idea - could a compliance validator be created?

   <AndreaPerego> +1 to brinkwoman

   MichaelGordon: generally in favour, not really clear how it
   might work, but it clearly would be helpful
   … add it to the github page and see what could be done

   ClemensPortele: I will mostly focus on the WFS 3.0 work over
   the next three months

   MichaelGordon: Maybe add some more notes on this on the github

   ClemensPortele: Will do

   MichaelGordon: Between now and the next call, let's flesh out
   the organisations, domains, messaging, etc.
   … Plan from month to month. Look into compliance testing.

   <brinkwoman> +1

   MichaelGordon: Would this be good progress for the next 3

   <ClemensPortele> +1 (yes, good at this stage)

   brinkwoman: W3C should also be on the list of organisations -
   we are not yet that visible in W3C

   MichaelGordon: Absolutely! I will have a word with Francois.

   MichaelGordon: Anything else for today?

   brinkwoman: Jeremy and I will get in touch with MichaelGordon
   to discuss agenda at the F2F

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