[Minutes] Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices subgroup call - 2018-01-17

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Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices subgroup call
17 January 2018

   [2]Agenda [3]IRC log

      [2] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sdwig/2018Jan/0042.html
      [3] https://www.w3.org/2018/01/17-sdw-irc


          Andrea Perego, Clemens Portele, Joseph Abhayaratna,
          Linda van den Brink, Michael Gordon, Chris Little

          Bill, Francois, Scott




     * [4]Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

   <MichaelGordon> [5]https://github.com/w3c/sdw/blob/gh-pages/bp/

      [5] https://github.com/w3c/sdw/blob/gh-pages/bp/work-items-and-activities.md

   MichaelGordon: Link to work items and activities from last
   meeting (see link)
   … discuss potential actions and milestones - what is our plan
   … A small group meeting monthly.
   … Some organisations we might want to approach, some potential
   activities including gathering examples
   … and lastly the list of known gaps

   <josephabhayaratna> +1 for encouraging adoption

   MichaelGordon: Interest in adoption activities?

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   <ClemensPortele> +1

   <brinkwoman> +1

   ChrisLittle: Interest in the "Describing dataset structure and
   service behaviors" gap

   MichaelGordon: That is something that we could work on later
   during the year

   MichaelGordon: Main focus on adoption encouragement and

   MichaelGordon: We have a list on the GitHub page. Anything to
   add, organisations you are already working on/with?

   ChrisLittle: Simon already started ... (sorry, I missed that)

   brinkwoman: The Open Data Institute could also be a good

   MichaelGordon: Anyone has connections to ODI?

   <AndreaPerego> Not me.

   <AndreaPerego> I guess we are talking about [6]http://

      [6] http://openag.io/

   MichaelGordon: Let's put this on the list after the call and
   see if anyone in the wider group has connections

   brinkwoman: Use W3C developer meetups?

   MichaelGordon: Absolutely, let's use the W3C connections

   ChrisLittle: Presentation at the INSPIRE Conference in
   September 2018 (Antwerp)

   <AndreaPerego> [7]https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/events/

      [7] https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/events/inspire-conference-2018

   josephabhayaratna: Government in general (data publication)

   MichaelGordon: There are already such activities in the UK

   <brinkwoman> I meant [8]https://theodi.org

      [8] https://theodi.org/

   josephabhayaratna: Is the linked data group in the UK still

   <AndreaPerego> Thanks, Linda!

   MichaelGordon: Yes, currently focussed on registers

   josephabhayaratna: Something similar going on in Australia

   <brinkwoman> There's also the dutch linked data group

   MichaelGordon: One of the heads of ODI has been at OS recently

   ClemensPortele: Should we also include links to publicly
   available material promoting the SDWBP on the GitHub page?

   MichaelGordon: Yes, good idea

   MichaelGordon: Lets discuss the messaging, what messages do we
   want to emphasize

   ChrisLittle: Should we think by domains? A big community is the
   space community, working in their silo.

   <josephabhayaratna> +1 for giving that a go

   MichaelGordon: Do we think structuring by domain is a good

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   MichaelGordon: Please add domains (and your name) on the github

   AndreaPerego: one of the topics is interoperability of spatial
   and statistical data
   … address specific bits together with the statistical

   <AndreaPerego> This especially applies to UNGGIM.

   MichaelGordon: So, we got a few actions to go through. That
   helps with the immediate milestones.
   … Any thoughts on milestones for the next three months or so?

   <AndreaPerego> Need to think about it...

   brinkwoman: An idea - could a compliance validator be created?

   <AndreaPerego> +1 to brinkwoman

   MichaelGordon: generally in favour, not really clear how it
   might work, but it clearly would be helpful
   … add it to the github page and see what could be done

   ClemensPortele: I will mostly focus on the WFS 3.0 work over
   the next three months

   MichaelGordon: Maybe add some more notes on this on the github

   ClemensPortele: Will do

   MichaelGordon: Between now and the next call, let's flesh out
   the organisations, domains, messaging, etc.
   … Plan from month to month. Look into compliance testing.

   <brinkwoman> +1

   MichaelGordon: Would this be good progress for the next 3

   <ClemensPortele> +1 (yes, good at this stage)

   brinkwoman: W3C should also be on the list of organisations -
   we are not yet that visible in W3C

   MichaelGordon: Absolutely! I will have a word with Francois.

   MichaelGordon: Anything else for today?

   brinkwoman: Jeremy and I will get in touch with MichaelGordon
   to discuss agenda at the F2F

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