Re: [sdw] New Project proposal: Dicing or partitioning Ontology for RDF Data Cubes

Thanks for these comments and links, [rob-metalinkage ]( ) and [lvdbrink]( ).
I notice that the [OLAP proposal]( ) does not seem to have been touched since 2015?

I am not sure that I understand their use of 'dice'. They seem to use it as an aggregation process over the levels of hierarchical dimensions. This does not fit with my naïve view of partitioning 'observations' along various non-hierarchical dimensions (pure QB) into practical chunks. Their proposal seems to automatically calculate the derived first order statistics for each such chunk, and use such statistics as proxies for the underlying data.

As [rob-metalinkage ]( ) says, there seems to be some orthogonality between calculating statistics and partitioning. the simple partitioning may not correspond to the grouping required for meaningful statistics.

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