Readying the draft for publication (Re: Call for consensus: OWL Time )

Hello Simon and Chris,

I'm preparing the owl-time draft for publication as a Candidate 
Recommendation Draft, but there are a few broken links and a warning 
from the checker.

The broken links must be fixed before publication. Best would be if you 
can find replacement URLs. Otherwise I will just remove the URLs.

The warnings can be fixed now or for the next publication.

The broken links are:

  - Broken link in the bibliography to

  - Broken link in section 5.8 ‘Legal interval’ to

  - Broken link in section 5.8 ‘Legal interval’ to

And the warning is that no security and privacy considerations section 
was found. There is a list of questions that may help in writing such a 
section at That 
list is long, but the resulting section will probably be very short.

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Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2022 18:21:10 UTC