Re: ACTION-282: Draft a note on forecasting to address issue-82.

I made the same argument on the IRC.

On 03/28/2017 01:29 PM, wrote:
> Not sure it is wise to draw attention to not-yet-implemented ideas, 
> especially if we don’t explain how it is better.
> A ‘standard’ is stronger if one and only one way to solve each problem 
> is provided.
> So, while I don’t disagree that it would be possible to follow the 
> pattern to derive a Forecast class, it seems to be a distraction to 
> include the extra paragraph here. The document is a ‘recommendation’, 
> not a discursive paper.
> Simon
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> Dear all,
> Based on the reviewers comments, I added a new commit to the separate 
> branch: . I 
> did not issue any pull request for this branch.
> The notes I propose now read like:
> One may represent forecasts as observations if the value of 
> <code>sosa:phenomenonTime</code> is later in time than the 
> <code>sosa:resultTime</code>. Given the definition of these terms, it 
> means that: <em>The time when the Observation act was completed is 
> before the time that the Result of the observation applies to the 
> FeatureOfInterest.</em> <br/>
>       Note however that there are other means to represent forecasts. 
> For example one could  derive the SSN 
> <em>Sensing/Sensor/Observation</em> pattern and define some 
> Forecasting/Forecaster/Forecast classes.
> and a second note reads like:
> Describing a plan for some actuation or observation in the future is 
> not covered by this specification.
> I would like us to base our discussions on this version in agenda 
> iteam 1 of the call today.
> Best,
> Maxime

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