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Payam, Maria,

Thank you for the feedback and careful reading.
Typo1: Caption Figure 1: repeated word “model” Agreed. Well spotted.
Typo 2: In 4.1.2 Note: “… whose duration is are smaller…” Agreed. Better English than me!
Typo 3: There are some mismatches between the ontology and the web page: time:inTimePosition and time:hasDuration: The definitions (rdfs:comment) are not exactly the same in the ontology and the web.

Agreed. The raw ontology has rdfs:comment "Position of a time instant expressed as a TimePosition"@en
And the document states “Definition: Position of an instant, expressed as a temporal coordinate or nominal value”.

Also the raw ontology has rdfs:comment "Duration of a temporal entity, event or activity, or thing, expressed as a scaled value"@en ;
And the document states “Definition: Duration of a temporal entity, expressed as a scaled value or nominal value”
The latter definitions are preferred, but I need Simon to confirm.
Other comments: time:TemporalDuration and :Duration have the same rdf:label “Temporal Duration”. This could lead to misinterpretations. This is already fixed
Abandoning all instants for just intervals has been considered, and papers published about this approach. It was considered to break too much backward compatibility with the 2006 version, and too many people expect instants as a fundamental concept.

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