SSN next tasks (NB eds)

While "modularity" is clearly top priority for our next unit of work in the group, even *before* we go too far on that, I want to deal with issue-60.
Most particularly the past about "fix typos and spelling" of which there are several.
The thing is , this should  be done before we go very far down the modularisation path as surely everyone is going to be pulling apart ssn as it now is in webprotege (WP).
It will be much easier to do this in one pass over the current form than leaving it until further changes are done.

Also, although I am willing (and keen)  to do this, I want to do it in text form (ie not using (WP) ) for obvious reasons. Which means it could interfere with other changes.

So... I propose to, at some time that I can start and finish in a short transaction, ask everyone to leave WP alone while I do it offline and then to replace the WP version.

This is advanced warning in case anyone wants to object - if it is ok I will announce when I am starting and when I finish.


Received on Friday, 27 May 2016 06:27:37 UTC