Re: Progress on Time deliverable


On 05/16/16 00:28, wrote:
> I can now report that a complete working draft is available in the
> Github repository, or in formatted view here:

a couple of comments:

* The literals in [1] (where it mentions "temporal reasoners") should
probably be of xsd:date (e.g., "2006-11-05T18:00:00-5:00"^^xsd:date).
* There is a mention of OWL-S 0.9 in [2] (not sure how relevant OWL-S
is in 2016; should probably be either DAML-S 0.9 or updated to OWL-S
1.2 or maybe just dropped).
* :genYear is mentioned in the listing in [3], but not explained
anywhere in the text.



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