Progress on Time deliverable

Dear WG -

Apologies for the silence relating to progress on the OWL-Time deliverable.

I can now report that a complete working draft is available in the Github repository, or in formatted view here:

So far all that has been done is to take the 2006 Working Draft by Hobbs and Pan, re-arrange it to be a bit more systematic, and make modifications relating to TRS support that were described in my paper and briefed to the group I think three times now. The RDF version of the ontology has not yet been loaded into a W3C location, but the CSIRO-hosted version from the paper is available here: I'm not sure what the protocol is for loading an update over the existing version, but I guess it would be premature until we are a lot further along in the process.

I have retained some of the language from the 2006 version, but it is distributed in various places in the new document.
I also retained most of the examples - these have not been re-written at all, yet. I have added some new examples, some from my paper, and a new example using the ProperInterval class for the geologic time scale, to illustrate both the temporal topology handling, and also the TRS support.

I've worked essentially by myself to get to this point - Chris has no responsibility for any errors. But thought it was worth advising the WG of this progress as it is now respectable enough to look at. Chris and I (and anyone else who is interested!) will now go back to the UCR document and consider what additional work is required.


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