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On 17/05/2016 15:38, Kerry Taylor wrote:
> In preparation for the meeting tomorrow morning, I have merged Danh's LODE-generated documentation (thankyou Danh!) and also
> made a lot of smallish editorial changes all over the place to the previous version of
> @Phil - now we do have 7 respec errors that seem to have been introduced by the lode stuff, but it means that the funky TOC is now broken...If you have an opportunity to debug, please do so!

The problem lies not in ReSpec but in the awful HTML spat out by LODE. 
Which after a *lot* of fiddling around, has now been fixed.

LODE uses a form of HTML not seen since TimBL were a lad, namely
<a name="blah"></a>

Worse, the name given was the URI of the thing in the following <h3>. 
Hmm... so I made a few simplifications.

I created and merged the pull request.



> I have not seen any other requests for changes up to this point, so I hope the meeting tomorrow can focus on anything simple that MUST be fixed
> prior to FPWD vote at the next plenary meeting.
> --Kerry
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> Sent: Monday, 16 May 2016 11:13 PM
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> Subject: [sdw] ssn meeting this week agenda
> Dear spatial-data-on-the-web,
> The meeting focused on the ssn deliverable this week will be held, as usual, at 17 May 2016 21:00 UTC<> (click for your local time).
> The meeting will discuss late modifications to the Editor's draft to be ready for a vote for FPWD at the plenary meeting next week. Please review the Editor's draft prior to the meeting. In particular the meeting will address,
>   1.  Documentation section 4
>   2.  URL for SSN & SSN-DUL
>   3.  Modularisation section 3
>   4.  Work Plan section 5
>   5.  Any other burning and essential FPWD issue
> Further details and dialin instructions here
> Don't forget to use the same nickname for the webex login and the irc login, and type "present + yourname" on the IRC when you join.
> --Kerry


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