Re: Nominal temporal references


actually, the difference here is in the temporal coordinate reference system
(such as 1 sec, starting 1970-01-01 at 00:00:00a s a datum) and a calendar; the
former is a number, the latter comes in many (usually textual) variations, and
each needs to be mapped to the time axis (in seconds) in its own way. Likely
calendars will also be expressed as time CRSs at some time in future, this is
bleeding edge work by the Temporal.DWG in OGC.


On 05/29/15 14:44, Frans Knibbe wrote:
> Hi Alejandro,
> About the Nominal temporal references
> <>
> requirement ("It should be possible to refer to time intervals by nominal
> temporal references (e.g January, a named event in a calendar, a geological
> period, a dynastic period)."): Isn't this already covered by the Temporal
> reference system
> <>
> requirement? Some temporal reference systems are numerical, some are textual,
> and some may be both. I mean, the way that a time or time interval is refered
> to is determined by the temporal reference system, isn't it?
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> Frans
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