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Hi, Kerry.

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> Andrea, Peter,
> I think Peter's "format" comment is closer to the mark-- I cannot see that
> we will have any influence at all on the "must" be in multiple formats.

Making data available in multiple formats is already a common practice
on the Web, and it is included in the DWBP WG BP document:

We just have to ensure that this is adopted for spatial data. IMO,
this is a key feature needed to enable wider re-use of spatial data.

Actually, we already have a (limited) number of examples, like ( for time and geometries,
Spatial Reference and for reference systems. This practice
should be promoted and improved (e.g., by adding support to other

> On the temporal aspect: this is indeed a matter of importance for the group,
> but is largely dealt with as owltime requirements, not best practices
> requirements, because we have a clear technical deliverable in that area. We
> do need to make sure our time approach is well articulated to our best
> practices for spatial, though.
> Please check the owltime requirements, and then please let us know if that
> does not catch the spatio- temporal adequately.

Thanks, Kerry. I'll check that.



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