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> >> 1. I don't see a requirement about the fact that spatial data must be
> >> available in multiple formats. This is something that popped-up quite
> >> frequently during the discussions in Barcelona, and it is implied by a
> >> number of requirements.  I think this is something that must be
> >> explicitly and clearly stated, and it goes together with the
> >> linkability requirement, as both are key principles for the Web
> >> architecture.
> >
> > much agreed, but I'd turn it around:
> > Spatiotemporal data must be processable independently from their format
> (while
> > recognizing that the amount of metadata available in each format varies).
> I tend to agree. But it's unclear to me how this will be implemented,
> in practice. E.g., would this require that applications should be able
> to consume spatial data irrespective of their format?

Is the requirement that client and server need to be able to negotiate the format? If so, what exactly is the format. I guess it's not the media-type (e. g. RDF/XML, Turtle, ...) but something more like an RDF Shape [1]. I think we need to interact with the W3C data shape WG on this. There has been some discussion on shape negotiation on the LOD list [2] that I sparked off a few weeks ago, but there has been no consensus on the matter yet.

[2] Long thread starting at



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