Re: Transition to FPWD for UC&R

I realised that the document is not made for the Rec track. It's going 
to be a WG Note, so I think we can even be more relaxed about it. But 
still we need those issue-boxes explaining what is still to be done and 
what is unsure.


Le 20/05/2015 16:15, Antoine Zimmermann a écrit :
> All,
> The draft for Usse Cases & Requirements has already a good structure.
> For a FPWD, it does not need to look final in any way, can have plenty
> of missing parts and pieces that are still controversial within the group.
> HOWEVER, it must contain warnings that tell the reader what parts are
> missing and what has not been agreed on yet, or where the group is still
> unsure. The warnings normally take the form of "issues" that we mark in
> the HTML with:
> <div class="issue">
>   <p>Text of the issue goes here</p>
> </div>
> and reSpec does the rest to make it look beautifully red.
> For an example, take a look at this one:
> See that it can also point to the issue tracker if we have an open issue
> on the subject.
> It seems to me that after we have added all the warnings and issues to
> explain the status of the sections, we can immediately go to FPWD.
> Nonetheless, we should still have two people (or more if volunteers show
> up) reviewing the document to tell where the content is imperfect and
> suggest places for issue boxes, to correct a few typos on the way, and
> express their opinion on whether it is ready for FPWD.
> I definitely can't do this myself in the three coming weeks, I'm afraid.
> Best,

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