Transition to FPWD for UC&R


The draft for Usse Cases & Requirements has already a good structure. 
For a FPWD, it does not need to look final in any way, can have plenty 
of missing parts and pieces that are still controversial within the group.

HOWEVER, it must contain warnings that tell the reader what parts are 
missing and what has not been agreed on yet, or where the group is still 
unsure. The warnings normally take the form of "issues" that we mark in 
the HTML with:

<div class="issue">
  <p>Text of the issue goes here</p>

and reSpec does the rest to make it look beautifully red.
For an example, take a look at this one:

See that it can also point to the issue tracker if we have an open issue 
on the subject.

It seems to me that after we have added all the warnings and issues to 
explain the status of the sections, we can immediately go to FPWD.

Nonetheless, we should still have two people (or more if volunteers show 
up) reviewing the document to tell where the content is imperfect and 
suggest places for issue boxes, to correct a few typos on the way, and 
express their opinion on whether it is ready for FPWD.

I definitely can't do this myself in the three coming weeks, I'm afraid.

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