Re: UCR issue: phrasing of CRS requirement(s)

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> Oddly, perhaps, seems not to care about CRS at all:

Not really, they rely on us! Please, see the current issue at

> Can we take inspiration from the former one  (geo)  and admit
> alternative CRSs that must be identified by virtue of the ontology
> (and therefore namespace, assuming a 1-1 relationship) that is used?

+1! Note that CRS could also have stable URIs to use. The French 
National Geographic Institute (IGN) aims to provide such stable URIs for 
the numerous CRSs used by French authorities.

> This could do for  *referencing* a  CRS without ever needing a
> "default". For the *description" of a CRS, I would vote to defer that
> to the OGC by its existing methods, and I see no reason why that
> description needs to have a linked data representation,  beyond an
> ontology that permits its use.

Please, note that we have already a vocabulary for describing CRSs, 
based on ISO 19111. It is available at and 
to see the description of the vocab in your favorite language.
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