RE: UCR issue: phrasing of CRS requirement(s)

Hi Frans,

I noticed that a requirement related to this is in the spreadsheet but not (yet?) in the UCR document. It is this requirement:

“There should be a default CRS that is assumed when nog CRS is specified” (s/nog/no)

WGS84/lat lng is the de facto standard CRS for spatial data on the web. Both publishing and using spatial data on the web should be easy for non-experts, so this requirement of having a default CRS makes a lot of sense to me. The most common cases become more easy that way. I think this should be added to par. 5.6 of the UCR.

In this light (i.e. usability for non-expert users), the best practice should have information about how data owners should describe, how users can recognize and what tools they can use to transform non-WGS84 coordinate systems to the coordinate system they need.

A second point I’d like to make is that CRS should be suitable also for non-geographical reference systems (for non-Earth oriented applications).I think this is covered by 5.14, but the text of that paragraph is not completely clear to me. )“Standards for spatial data on the web should be independent on the reference systems that are used for data.”)

Finally, to answer the question in the issue, as I read it, req A is not replaceable by req B. Req A is about *referencing* a CRS, while req B is about *describing* a CRS – i.e. the description you get about the CRS when you dereference  a CRS reference.


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Hello all,

I have raised an issue for the UCR document: ISSUE-10<>.
All help in getting this issue resolved is very welcome.


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