I agree that this ISSUE-9   may be “out of scope” but looks more like a property we should try to achieve in our ontology deliverables, rather than a best practice requirement. I have heard several requests for this for the SSN ontology, in particular.

I would not like to see it go away --- perhaps record on our “ontology design principles” page on the wiki  for now? Or maybe it is a non-functional requirement?  Ideally, we would support most languages, but realistically that will not happen. But it would be a shame to fail to support the languages we can drawing from the capability of the Group.


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Hi Frans,

I think this is a good idea to have URLs to point to issues and to track the corresponding discussion, but I'm not sure if the issue will be discussed on the group if it is not raised on the mailing list. So I would combine the issue tracker + the mailing list, just as you did ;)


On 11 May 2015 at 17:12, Frans Knibbe <<>> wrote:
Hello Alejandro,

I have just added a new issue (ISSUE-9<>) in the tracker about one of the requirements in the UCR document. I wonder if it will prove beneficial to bring up an issue this way, instead of opening a thread on the list.


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