RE: FW: ssn requirements usecase, and what this means for "principles"

Frans, Chris,
These are all good. I already  put something on the wiki here:

Please feel free to extend, amend, or improve!

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The term 'profile' is used in the W3C world too. See the DCAT vocabulary<>: "A DCAT profile is a specification for data catalogs that adds additional constraints to DCAT".  A nice example of such a profile is the DCAT profile for INSPIRE<> that Andrea is involved with.

I think this usage of the term is very similar to the way it is used by th OGC.


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Sure, i will do that. however a very different meaning for profile has also arisen in use case discussions, meaning, if I understood it, a geometric curve or line in 3d space  with length but not breadth.  I'll try to add something like that too( after dinner).

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And that means that we need to define what a “profile“ means to us. Since there seems to be an OGC definition of “profile”, I suggest that someone who knows what that is (I don’t) adds that term to the glossary [1] (if that is the definition we want to use…).



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‘profile’ is sometimes used in the sense of ‘constrained subset of a more general model’ – often by fixing cardinalities (within the ranges permitted), or specifying the range-set for a property or attribute. You then look at testing compliance to the ‘profile’. That could lead to the apparent conflation.

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Column AB for ssn on the UCR spreadsheet is  labelled “ Profiling, e.g. for checking compliance to standard model”.

While trying to clarify this it occurs to me that this wraps 2  requirements into 1, that I think should be separate (inheriting this combination from the OGC “profile” notion, I think).

I would propose replacing it by both

1.       Extensibility – it should be possible to extend the recommended structure to support domain-specific  models; and

2.       It should be possible to express and validate compliance to  models

Next, I would like to raise these to the level of applying (or not) to all our deliverables as they are not SSN-specific.
Are these “vision”-ish enough to be thought of as “principles” in the current discussion? Or at least as over-arching non-functional requirements?

Finally, I would like to propose that while (1) should be addressed by the group, (2) looks out of scope to me. Furthermore, technology for (2) such as RDF data shapes is still too immature for our purposes.

What do you think?

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