Use of the word 'standard' in the UCR document.

Hello Alejandro,

The UCR document currently has some requirements that use phasing like
"There should be a standard for..." or "There should be standards for...".
I recall you had an objection against this way of formulating requirements
earlier in an e-mail message, but I can't recall the reason.

The issue came up again during today's conference because the same phrasing
is used in the proposed UCR requirement (ISSUE-10
<>). I liked a point that
Andrea made: there could already be multiple standards for doing something.
I think we want to avoid a situation where a requirement can be said to be
met by multiple competing standards. That does not help the community. So I
think we should replace phrases like  "There should be a standard for..."
with something else.

I would like to propose to change it to  "There should be a best practice
for...". That should make it clear that we are looking for a single optimal
way of doing something.

What do you think about such a general change? I understood that you have
an objection against changing 'standard' to 'best practice', but I haven't
understood the nature of that objection yet.


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