Re: Spatial context

Hi, Karl.

> [snip]
> I'm guessing the "spatial data" in the list was meant to refer to all of that, and is common usage -- although I prefer "spatiotemporal," or even better, "geographic."

This is also how I intended it. As Frans and Ed rightly pointed out
[1,2], the SDW WG brings together two different communities, using
different terminologies and semantics. Based on my experience,
creating a common understanding across different domains requires
introducing loose semantics and even ambiguity in notions having a
precise and formally defined meaning in the different communities.

So, this is why I used "spatial data" in its broader (and, possibly,
common) sense. But I think that using "spatial information", as Ed
proposed [2], is actually better.

> I don't understand what is meant by "spatial context" in this conversation but think it does no harm to add it as criteria for considering use cases.

My concern is that this may complicate the interpretation of the
question: We are using this notion in different ways, and we should
clearly work towards an agreement on how we want to use "spatial
context". But this is probably not something to be addressed in the
preliminary evaluation of use cases.

> I also think we will arrive at a working extensional definition of spatial data by considering all the use cases people consider as concerning spatial data or spatial context.

I totally concur.




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