[Bug 28244] Requiring @@toStringTag on instances may have performance implications


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--- Comment #13 from Domenic Denicola <d@domenic.me> ---
It would be really good to work out the story here.

I strongly believe that @@toStringTag on the prototype, as a simple data
property instead of a getter, is more correct:

- It matches the ES built-ins
- It fits better with JavaScript's prototypal inheritance model (now that
toString behavior is something that prototypally inherits)
- It's simpler
- It's possibly more performant (although a sufficiently smart optimizer could
probably equalize them)
- It's very likely to be web-compatible given that it's been shipping in Chrome
for several releases

Per comment #8, Boris doesn't quite agree, or at least doesn't want to be
second-mover here.

Perhaps we could get other engines to comment? In particular, have any of them
started moving their DOM to use ES6 @@toStringTag instead of ES5 [[Class]],
such that they have an opinion on this matter?

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