Re: Advice on how to best handle a long list of attributes

On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 4:09 PM, Marcos Caceres <> wrote:
> The Web BlueTooth API currently specifies interfaces that serve as lookup tables for values [1], which can lead to code that looks like this (extreme example):
> ```
> //returns a UUID string
> navigator.bluetooth.uuids.catalytic_activity_concentration.katal_per_cubic_metre
> ```
> Clearly, that's not ideal to type out. I'm wondering if anyone has some recommendations of how we can clean this up a bit. We've thrown around some ideas [2], like using a WebIDL [MapClass] to look up values using enums:
> ```
> BluetoothUnitMap.get("katal_per_cubic_metre");
> ```
> or exposing things like the above as static constants on interface objects:
> ```
> BluetoothUnitMap.catalytic_activity_concentration.katal_per_cubic_metre
> ```
> ... but nothing feels quite right :/
> Can anyone think of a better way of approaching this problem? Maybe it doesn't matter?
> [1]
> [2]

Looking through the list, these are the only entries with duplicate leaf names:

* surface_charge_density.coulomb_per_square_metre

* density.kilogram_per_cubic_metre

* time.minute

* time.second

* heat_flux_density.watt_per_square_metre

The minute/second ones can just be renamed to use arcminute and
arcsecond or something.  The other three pairs appear to be identical
units; the "density" and "irradiance" pairs even appear to be
identical uses!  (The electric one might be too, but I don't feel like
looking up those terms to see how comparable they are.)

So yes, just producing a flat unit map seems just fine, with the
time/angle collision sorted out.

(It looks like these are all from an existing standard, so it wouldn't
be worthwhile to try and produce a more robust system of units,


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