[Bug 19936] consider allowing non-matching enums to be converted to a particular value


--- Comment #6 from Jan-Ivar Bruaroey [:jib] <jib@mozilla.com> ---
Two updates since comment 5: Firstly, good news, constraints are rooted in
dictionaries again (yay! a while ago, but leads to the next point).

Secondly, mediacapture (and likely webrtc) has adopted using DOMString for all
user-provided enums instead of using webidl enum, with prose linking to the
enum for documentation, because of the throw issue (so far just facingMode in
gUM, Bug 25793 pull request)

This is clearly inferior, so we have Bug 25794 blocking this issue in hopes
that it can be resolved positively.

With the gUM spec nearing last call, the WG is wondering where we're leaning
and whether to plan to go out with DOMString. Is more information needed for a

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