Re: Exposing constructors of readonly interfaces to web authors

On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Domenic Denicola <> wrote:

> From: <> on behalf of Robert
> O'Callahan <>
> > I'd like to push a little more against the requirement that every host
> object class have a corresponding WebIDL interface. That seems to require
> spec work and API maintenance for no author benefit, as well as making
> specs improperly  dependent on implementation details (that could
> legitimately vary across implementations).
> I'm having a hard time understanding this. From my understanding most
> (all?) implementations generate their bindings for their host object
> classes via WebIDL. And, WebIDL interfaces are always author-exposed, and
> never implementation details. So I must be missing something in what you're
> pushing back against.

Currently Gecko has an implementation of DOMQuadBounds with no
corresponding WebIDL interface. If I understand you correctly, you say that
because DOMQuadBounds has its own implementation, it must have its own
WebIDL interface in the spec.

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