Re: Exposing constructors of readonly interfaces to web authors

On Mon, 30 Jun 2014, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> > 
> > You're misunderstanding me. What I meant was, when taking as input an 
> > object to a spec algorithm, you should not say "it must be a DOMRect" 
> > (or ClientRect, or DOMRectReadOnly, or CommonSuperclassRect, or...). 
> > You should say "it has x, y, width, height properties." That has 
> > nothing to do with its class.
> I guess we would do that. Currently nothing takes a DOMRect(ReadOnly) as 
> an input, so this hasn't come up.

The way we normally do _input_ (passing from JS to a DOM API) in Web IDL 
is to use a dictionary.

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