Re: [whatwg] Date Update?


I'm cc'ing es-discuss, as that's a more appropriate list for discussing
updates and extensions to the language's built-in objects.


On Sunday, January 19, 2014, Garrett Smith <> wrote:

> Hi All -
> Just some random ideas on JavaScript Date. I understand that it was
> copied from Java. Was this based on the requirement to “look like
> Java” on the typical appeal to popularity marketing tact? (Java was
> hot back then).
> What considerations are there for codifying the behavior for
> Date.parse? Middle endian date format parsing works:
> Date.parse("2/11/2013"); Should this be standardized here:
> Any proposals for Date.prototype.format, ala strftime?
> Any replacement proposals, like a Joda-Time, or others, that treat a
> Date as a set of fields rather than an object represented by a number?
> And maybe with add/subtract methods without having to resort to each
> field? Zero-based month and one-based days are weird, but even weirder
> with MakeDay adding the extra month onto the year field:
> var d = new Date(
> d.setMonth(12); // Next January, not December.
> Any proposal to get the user's preferred date format?
> --
> Garrett
> @xkit

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