Date Update?

Hi All -

Just some random ideas on JavaScript Date. I understand that it was
copied from Java. Was this based on the requirement to “look like
Java” on the typical appeal to popularity marketing tact? (Java was
hot back then).

What considerations are there for codifying the behavior for
Date.parse? Middle endian date format parsing works:
Date.parse("2/11/2013"); Should this be standardized here:

Any proposals for Date.prototype.format, ala strftime?

Any replacement proposals, like a Joda-Time, or others, that treat a
Date as a set of fields rather than an object represented by a number?
And maybe with add/subtract methods without having to resort to each
field? Zero-based month and one-based days are weird, but even weirder
with MakeDay adding the extra month onto the year field:

var d = new Date(
d.setMonth(12); // Next January, not December.

Any proposal to get the user's preferred date format?

Received on Sunday, 19 January 2014 06:23:31 UTC