[Bug 24581] Fix ByteString type & [EnsureUTF16] flag story


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--- Comment #4 from Brendan Eich <brendan@mozilla.org> ---
ScalarValueString is Not Great. It uses a Unicode phrase out of context, so
does not connote Unicode -- in particular does not suggest that lone surrogates
are replaced by U+FFFD -- and also sounds grandiosely general ("scalar value"
in what domain? String theory? :-P).

Concrete beats abstract when something very concrete such as U+FFFD replacement
is going on under the hood. Any of UnicodeString or UniString or UCString would
be better.

A bikeshedding symposium is in order. I don't have a particular favorite but
can provide beverages if nearby.

The big-picture point is: we can do better than ScalarValueString, and we
should. The future is bigger than the past. Let's get this right soon, before
ScalarValueString spreads widely and we can't change it.


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