[Bug 23369] Provide hooks for Typed Arrays (ArrayBuffer and friends)


--- Comment #15 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> ---
> because it allows the script environment to manipulate the underlying bytes
> while the Promise-d operation continues

Which may be the right thing in some rare cases, in fact (e.g. if the Promise-d
operation is not actually doing anything with those bytes).

> or 'copy on write' (ruled out by implementors as complexity/performance
> overhead for the common case of ArrayBuffers

I'd think that except for performance characteristics "copy on write" is not
black-box distinguishable from "copy", no?

> I would expect that, since ArrayBufferViews are seen as valid inputs, a 'copy'
> approach is desirable for consistency

I don't think we should be forcing a copy on people, though we should probably
have guidance that says that it's the appropriate thing to do if you plan to
actually asynchronously use the data that was passed in.

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