RE: WindowProxy as the key in ES6 Set/Map/WeakSet/WeakMap

Let’s put it this way; perhaps what Mark’s saying will be clearer.


const m = new Map();
m.set(windowProxyInstance, "foo");

(and given that nothing else is added to `m`), then `m.get(x) === "foo"` should be true _if and only if_ SameValueZero(x, windowProxyInstance) is true (which in this case reduces to `x === windowProxyInstance`).

Window proxies should do nothing to violate this invariant of `Map`s.

With that in mind, is there something special about window proxies that would allow them to abide by this invariant but still run into the questions and problems stated in this thread?

Received on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 13:57:59 UTC