Re: Standardizing console APIs: Where?

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 11:13 AM, Brian Kardell <> wrote:

> Recently I read a post about Chrome adding a console.table API which
> mentioned some things in other browsers.  My immediate reaction was "is
> this a new proposal for addition to console standard API, because that
> could be pretty handy actually" but then after a moments pause and about an
> hour search, I realized:  There is no codified standard for console API.
>  Turns out that has sort of agreed to
> take it up, but it doesn't seem like anything much has happened yet and I'm
> wondering why that should be bound to anything with the browser since
> console is a pretty universal thing in implementations.  Not saying it
> should or shouldn't be ECMA, just that it seems to be in the wrong place
> now if, indeed, anything is happening there.

A very smart addition to the future standard library modules—which are
dependent on a Module spec of course. Write a strawman?


> So what does everybody think?
> It seems that there is already a subset of what's implemented out there as
> a de-facto standard and could be some low-hanging fruit to create a base
> standard on which others could propose against, provide prollyfills for,
> etc - and that would be a pretty good thing IMO.  Over the years, just a
> couple of anomalies in browsers have caused some pain - let's write it down
> somewhere :)
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