Re: Future feedback

On 17/05/13 12:03 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 5/16/13 6:52 PM, Sean Hogan wrote:
>> So what would be the problem if `setImmediate()` just appended to the
>> futures task source?
> None per se, except to the extent that you want to have different 
> priority settings for setImmediate and futures or to the extent that 
> you want some sort of ordering guarantees between setImmediate and 
> something other than futures.

 From what I've read, the main demand for `setImmediate` (or equivalent) 
is for JS implementations of Promises, etc. Would anyone care if  
`setImmediate` was implemented and then Futures (or whatever browsers 
settle on) got the same task source?

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