Re: WindowProxy objects violate ES5 invariants

On 12/15/12 12:05 PM, David Bruant wrote:
> I guess that reveals a different invariant violation :-)


> I guess you meant "non-configurable" here.


> But it creates a violation of ES5, because it means that
> var/let/const/function global declaration aren't reflected as
> non-configurable

"reflected"?  The section of ES5 in question describes how the 
properties are created.  That's how they would be created on the Window 
object: as non-configurable.

If you then ask some _other_ object about those property names, they 
might get reported as configurable, but I don't see the invariant 
violation there.

> I think the solution may just be to reflect as configurable, but act as if
> it was non-configurable (and I guess non-writable for "const" declarations)

That would be the practical upshot of them being actually 
non-configurable on the Window but the WindowProxy lying about it, yes.


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