[Bug 17713] Exceptions thrown from event handlers should not be propagated


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--- Comment #10 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> ---
This really depends on what we mean by "propagated".

Should calling a callback not report an exception to error consoles and
window.onerror if the caller is itself called from some code that has a
try/catch?  I would argue that it _should_ in fact do so regardless of what's
going on with try/catch....  The alternative is that people start getting very
confused as to why their exceptions are not being reported.  We've run into
this with Gecko a good bit, since we do have that exception-swallowing behavior
in a bunch of cases.

Our (Gecko's) current implementation of WebIDL callbacks reports exceptions on
return from the callback, and I have no plans to change that, honestly.

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