[WebIDL] LC Comment - partial dictionary

It came up in a discussion this morning with the getUserMedia folks that a dictionary they were defining for getUserMedia options should be easily extensible. This got me wondering if the "extension" mechanism for interfaces would work for dictionaries too? E.g., did WebIDL support a "partial dictionary" which would allow another spec in the future to add-on to an existing defined dictionary.

If my understanding of the grammar is correct, the answer is currently "no":

[6] PartialInterface → "partial" "interface" identifier "{" InterfaceMembers "}" ";" 

It's seems like dictionaries (and additionally, though probably less-relevant, exceptions) should be allowed to be defined as "partial". That would enable the ease-of-extensibility that we currently enjoy with interfaces to extend to dictionaries as well.


Received on Thursday, 9 February 2012 19:16:42 UTC