Re: Reviving E4X (H4E)?

On Oct 19, 2011, at 1:55 PM, ☻Mike Samuel wrote:

>> I love quasis and don't mind their hunchback-like name, but others say it is
>> a scary unknown neologism. Can we have a better term?
>> For the unprefixed `... ${...} ...` form we could say "string
>> interpolation". That's a mouthful but it is a known phrase.
>> Sorry to bikeshed the name! If that's the biggest problem (and it may be),
>> well done to you and Mike.
>> /be
> I'm happy with either "string interpolation" or "template".  I can't
> find "template" in FutureReservedWord, but I thought it was in there.
> If so it would be odd to have a language feature named "template" but
> not have any relation to the future reserved word.

No, template was never reserved -- not in Java, so not reserved by me in 1995, or in ES1 based on that. And we unreserved a bunch of Java's keywords in ES5. No C++ templates in sight.

Does template carry too much other baggage (e.g. JQuery template plugins)? I don't know.


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