Re: Property enumeration for NodeList, etc.

                                       Fx  Sa  Cr  Op  IE
  indexed properties enumerated?       y   y   y   y  *y*
  named properties enumerated?         n   n   n   n   y
  own expando property enumerated?     y   y   y   y   y
  prototype properties enumerated?     y   y   y   y   y

In IE9, we treat the collection returned by getElementsByTagName somewhat special. For other HTMLCollections, e.g., document.scripts, we do enumerate indexed properties in this scenario.

In general I agree with the statement:

> Just going by the numbers, I think we should make indexed and named
> properties all be enumerated, unless we have compatibility reasons for
> doing otherwise: if someone knows that we definitely can't enumerate
> everything on certain objects (indexed properties on Window looks like
> a candidate), then I can invent an extended attribute to use to disable
> that.


Received on Thursday, 8 September 2011 00:26:02 UTC