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[Bug 12845] Disallow shadowing attributes

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Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 04:26:38 +0000
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--- Comment #27 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> 2011-06-14 04:26:38 UTC ---
The command API _does_ work on every HTML element, because you can use
tabindex="" to make any element into a Command for the purposes of the command
API. There are certain elements where it isn't useful, e.g. it doesn't make
sense really for <input type=range>, though it does make sense for <input
type=button>, but like most of the global features, it makes sense most of the

So e.g. HTMLTrackElement.label vs the command API label is a minor issue (you
wouldn't sanely use <track> as a command, though I guess there might be some
contrived situations in which you could expose its commandy behaviour if you
tried and especially if you didn't care too much about whether your document
was valid), but if we cared we could just make label="" be the label of the
command if it's a <track> element, like we do with <option>. I haven't done
that so far because it isn't ever going to be done by someone sane. Some of the
other ones, e.g. disabled on <textarea> and its cousin on the command API, or
label on <menu>, are less easy to deal with. Maybe better would be to have
certain elements on which you cannot specify tabindex="", though so far global
attributes haven't had such constraints defined (e.g. you can use hidden="" on
<style> even though that would make no sense, or indeed can use tabindex="" on
elements like <source> or <meta> or even <option> where it really doesn't make
sense). That's orthogonal to what the DOM APIs do, though. If you want the
global attributes to be less global, please file a separate bug.

My intent with shadowing these at the IDL level was that only the most derived
one would exist. This stuff was written before we considered (or at least
before I was aware of us considering) actually having stuff on non-leaf
interfaces exposed on non-leaf interface objects. It's not a big deal that they
both be there though, it'll just be one of those bits of trivia that is used in
programming contests...

I'd be fine with making shadowing illegal so long as we introduced a feature
whereby one could explicitly override something, as seen in various programming
languages, e.g. from comment 0:

  interface Bar : Foo {
   attribute DOMString quux; override;

That would avoid us making unintentional mistakes. Having said that, I'm not
aware of us ever having made such a mistake.

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