API Platform: a PHP API-first web framework relying on JSON-LD, Hydra and Schema.org


I just released the first beta of a brand new PHP framework. It scaffolds
data models from Schema.org types and exposes a hypermedia REST API in
JSON-LD and Hydra.

Of course it is open source.

A tutorial (API Platform server, AngularJS client) and a more complete
description is available here:

I would love to get feedback about what you think of that kind of
architectures. All bug reports and usability feedbacks are also very

Best regards,

P.S. : I've also posted this message on Schema.org and JSON-LD lists, sorry
if you received this mail several times.

Kévin Dunglas
Consultant et développeur freelance

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Received on Friday, 12 June 2015 12:45:39 UTC