Hi Colleagues,
Hi Dan Brickley,

Here are some preliminary informations to start the

1) The name: (See votes communicated earlier)
2) The short  overview of the extension: See
The medical extension refines and improves's medical/healthcare
vocabulary that was initially published in 2012 (see ).
Taking into various integration points post-2012 changes (e.g. Audience,
action / muscleAction, Enumeration), and with community effort to extend
and polish existing version (e.g adding other concepts like the Medical
Encounter, Medical Procedure, Health, Health Insurance, Genetics ) , it
moves the existing's medical vocabulary into a dedicated
extension called '
3)Technical work of revisiting the draft in #11
<> and re-structuring: ONGOING

4) The list of terms that are moved (todo: list).
5) The list of terms that are renamed (todo: list) with the core.
6) The list of terms that are renamed (todo: list) and moved into the
7) The list of terms that are created (todo: list) within the core.
8) The list of terms that are created (todo: list) within the extension.
9) The list of terms that are somewhat medically-related terms but remain
in the core (todo: list, e.g.
10)The list of extension-related discussions that are noted as relevant
(todo: list, e.g. GS1, nutrition/food, ...).
11) The list of terms that are related standards groups that have been
identified and invited to comment. (todo: list).


12)Coordinate with Food type (help further with foodWarning and
recipeIngredient) #458


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From: Marc Twagirumukiza <>
Date: 27 May 2015 at 10:26
Subject: Re: [ScheMed] Re: A way forward for our medicalEntinty Extension
proposal to

Hi all,

Please find here the Vote results for the short name for medicalEntinty
Extension proposal.

At closing date today, you voted for:

Follow this link for details:

I will follow the next steps with and keep you all posted.



On 19 May 2015 at 19:26, Dave F.D. <> wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> I think this is the way forward. I support this. But as you said I moved
> to Zurich (no longer with ICD11 team) and I will no longer be able to
> contribute. However I will ask some fellow from ICD 11 to get involved. As
> I said last year am quite sure that this vocab will be picked up by several
> colleagues who was looking for a pillar opensource medical vocab mainly to
> help interoperability.
> 2 things we left pending was to deal with data types and to map to snomed
> concepts. Any progress there?
> Am curious to see the response to Rob about FHIR Ontology.
> About the short name I think we should avoid *
> <>* and use *
> <> * as a short name for *healthcare. *The
> medical naming would prevent people to extend the vocab in coming future
> and would pull out some predicates not really medical but used in
> healthcare domain. Here I think Dan Brickley can also advise as the term
> may interfere with others extension names. I guess they have already an
> hypothetical list of expected extensions : bib. / auto. / music. / health.
> / gov. / time. / biz. etc
> Keep me posted (but sorry if I do not answer immediately!)
> Cheers
> Dave
> On Tuesday, 19 May 2015 16:41:17 UTC+2, Marc wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> You should have read this topic about the way forward for our submitted
>> proposal.
>> I would have your feedback to this.
>> Personally I support the approach as given the proposal is quite
>> extensive and specific for medical domain.
>> Maybe you will find this discussions about extension mechanism also
>> interesting:
>> PS: Rob and Dave , I know you moved from initial positions/company. Are
>> you still willing to contribute? If no, can you forward this to a colleague
>> or recommend one in your previous positions/company?
>> Best Regards,
>> Marc
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