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HealthSchemaOrg: Current progress

From: Marc Twagirumukiza <marc.twagirumukiza@agfa.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 14:36:15 +0200
To: public-schemed@w3.org, schemed@googlegroups.com, Mark Woon <markwoon@gmail.com>, public-schemed-contrib@w3.org
Cc: Dirk Colaert <dirk.colaert@agfa.com>, Els Lion <els.lion@agfa.com>
Message-ID: <OF203E2CDD.A2E0D902-ONC1257E91.0041E3D3-C1257E91.00453CC6@agfa.com>
Hi everyone,

Regarding: https://github.com/twamarc/ScheMed/issues/2

We finished the initial job of restructuring and we have generated 
up-to-date rdfa files both for
-health.schema.org extension ONLY  see:  
-current version of schema.rdfa integrating health.schema.org extension. 
see:  (https://github.com/twamarc/schemaorg/data/schema.rdfa)

We performed schema.org tests (scripts/run_tests.py) on the latter and 
they are successful. Thanks to Jos De Roo (@josd ) for his help there.

The final remaining steps/tasks are:

1-To deploy on the GAE the files 
(schemed/HealthSchemaOrg/health_schema_org_new.rdfa & 
scheamaorg/data/schema.rdfa) under 'sdo-schemed.appspot.com' and 
'sdo-health-schema-org.appspot.com' or other names.
        (for this we need to create a public google account---accessible 
by some people -or any other suggestion?)

2-To use the inserted subClassOf  
CreatedInExtension/MaintainedInCore/MovedFromCore to list all terms below 
each category (needed for extension rationale)

3-To take the 2 rdfa files and drop (remove) all  inserted subClassOf   
used for classifications above:
        "<span>Subclass of: <a property="rdfs:subClassOf" href="
        "<span>Subclass of: <a property="rdfs:subClassOf" href="
        "<span>Subclass of: <a property="rdfs:subClassOf" href="

4-To re-deploy the final cleaned files for final review
5-Make a pull request to schema.org

@Dan: I have forgotten something here?

Q: Can someone provide a help there by taking over one or multiple of 
those tasks? 

Kind Regards,

Marc Twagirumukiza 
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