A reflexion about Schema

Hello dear Mr. Brickley& Schema Team

I am Álvaro Pichó, independent SEO consultant from Valencia (Spain).

First of all, I am a fan of your work from Schema and I am 
professionally very interested in Schema itself and in the semantic web.

I am writing to tell you a couple of sensations since I am a 
medium-advanced user of structured data.

Joining JSON-LD and Microdata

 From professionals like Daniel K Cheung 
(https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielkcheung/) and Ashraf 
(https://schemantra.com/blog/authors/ash/), I have learned that one 
virtue of Structured Data is knowing how to establish relationships with 
each other.

This is wonderful, but it is only possible between microformats 
themselves, i.e. you cannot join Microdata with JSON-LD.

In the case of ecommerce, Microdata is very useful and necessary for 
categories and products, and JSON-LD is very valuable for main 

With a JSON I am able to do this:

But the JSON-LD conjunction with Microdata in a category, JSON in the 
<head> and microdata over the Magento *.phtml file, even building the 
URIs correctly, do not understand each other:


2) From the same Schema validator:

Honestly, I think that for the benefit of the semantic web, they should 
be able to understand each other, now, I don't know how.


On the other hand, why implementing Structured Data is not a 
classification factor?

I'm sure now you will think "Ah, how smart this guy is, what he wants is 
to benefit from all this", well it's partly true, but let me comment a 
couple of things.

I have watched your talk with Jason Douglas 'Google I/O 2013 - From 
Structured Data to the Knowledge Graph' https://youtu.be/yp8AjMBG87g and 
I have read your paper 'Schema.org Evolution of Structured Data on the 

On the one hand, you talk about greater or lesser adoption of these 
techniques, and what better stimulus for adoption than an improvement in 
the rankings.

On the other hand, I know that there are technologies like Yoast that 
automate the creation of Structured Data, but like everything in this 
life, creating an elaborate and comprehensive Schema Mark Up should be 
the clear sign of a thorough, artisan and human work, I think it would 
be easy to detect when it has been achieved with a click, to when there 
has been a careful work.

And to this careful work, I refer again when it will be clear that it is 
not the result of an automated artificial intelligence work.

In short, it is a scenario of clear human work.

And here it is pertinent to put into perspective the competition between 
small and large companies.

I believe that an implementation of nested and careful Structured Data, 
is a scenario of advantage of small companies against large ones.

I run an ecommerce that among other products, has 40 backpacks and I 
compete against other websites that have 400 and 4000 backpacks, truly 
my website 
is more well maintained than those of the big ones 

Give us, or let us, to little guys something to compete against the big 

Yesterday I was watching another video, where the SEO consultant on 
duty, advises that in Type > Article > Text, we put the whole article, 
more than 1000 words! Oh my God!

There's the abusive practices again.

But I think you will know how to evaluate the Structured Data built and 
discriminate that it is an exquisite work of a work to weight.

Nothing more Mr. Brickley, thank you very much for your time and best 

Álvaro Pichó Torres

Consultor SEO

seolevante.com [1]

619 832 611 [2]


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