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Cleanup, usability and technical debt - community help prioritizing

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@google.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2021 19:36:13 +0100
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To: "schema.org Mailing List" <public-schemaorg@w3.org>
In the spirit of schema.org's founding commitment to making structured data
markup both easy and expressive, our 10th anniversary is a good time to
think about how to be more disciplined about keeping our growing collection
of schemas usable.

Here's a quick experiment, oriented in particular to those of you who work
with schema.org markup on a regular basis. What are your biggest specific
schema frustrations, for now (this thread) focussing on specific pieces of
schema.org's definitions, examples and documentation that you feel could be

Generally things work better when there are also positive suggestions for
specific improvements, but for the sake of this exercise let's just find
out first where the frustrations are.

The focus for this exercise is not on adding new stuff (or on why certain
ideas for new stuff haven't been prioritized, implemented, or discussed).
Rather on the existing schemas already published at Schema.org. This
distinction isn't absolute, since any proposal to add new detail can be
couched in terms of the weak expressivity of existing definitions. For
today, please stick to things that are downright confusing, ambiguous,
inadequately defined etc. We can come to the other stuff separately.

For those of you who are set up to use Github (and that's often where the
action is), there's a ticket open there
<https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/2893 >. But if you prefer
email, please just reply in this thread. The only structure I would
encourage is to please do your best to find existing Github issue numbers /
URLs. We have 592 open issues at
https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues and the goal here is to help
focus attention on those issues where improvements will have the most

So - please respond with Github issue URLs here or in the tracking issue I
set up at  https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/2893


p.s. I am a little wary encouraging people to vent frustrations online;
please keep things calm and friendly, even if your frustrations are real
and painful
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