Schema for scientific analysis samples



I created a new collection of schemas for handling scientific analysis
samples. I've been working on making the use of structured data more
accessible for a wider range of people by creating easy to use WordPress


I used to be an analytical chemist and microbiologist. I designed Lab Info
Systems. The one the CDC uses now was in part designed by me in a product
called STARLIMS, now produced by Abbott. I created, back in a2003, a feature
for the product called "spec schemas" that allowed AI to make conclusions
around analysis results.  There are existing standards like ISO9000, LOINC,
SNOWMED etc, but they're very healthcare centric. 


I was an environmental analytical chemist who tested for pollution in water
and soil. My documentation had to be just as rigorous as pharma and heath
care providers because drinking water is a public health concern. Now I do
marketing, create marketing technologies, and I've gotten my hands wet on a
lot of structured data - publishing it and handling it programmatically. 


This set of schemas was created because of plans to create an open source
LIMS using WordPress as the CMS platform. Multiple people in the LIMS world
have approached me about creating an open-source LIMS system. To me the most
critical aspect of making a project like that successful is
ease-of-adoption. I can't see anything easier to work around than WordPress.
So the plan is to create a LIMS plugin similar to how I created an
Artist/Works plugin that leverages structured data: The
schemas I'm proposing here are part of the "requirements" for creating this
plugin. I need these new schemas for what I am doing, but other people
working on these problems will most likely find them useful too. 


Here are the schemas I created:


Any feedback, insight and advice you can provide on how to mature and
perfect these schemas is greatly appreciated. If you want to consider them
for official adoption, please feel free. If there's anyone who wants to
collaborate on this or provide support, please send them my way. 


I look forward to hearing back from you all, 





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