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Re: structured data for film stocks

From: Thomas Francart <thomas.francart@sparna.fr>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2021 09:27:29 +0200
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To: Eric Theise <erictheise@gmail.com>
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If it is about archival description, you may want to have a look at the new
archival conceptual model and ontology, called Records In Context
Conceptual Model (Ric-CM) and Records in Context Ontology (RiC-O) :


This is maybe too much for your use-case, and very specific to archival
records management, but this could be of interest.

Best Regards

Le lun. 5 avr. 2021 à 22:35, Eric Theise <erictheise@gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hi everyone,
> I've been working on a database of historical and contemporary motion
> picture film stocks. Fields include attributes such as name, number,
> manufacturer, gauge, speed, color balance, recommended chemistries for
> processing, dates in production, as well as several anecdotal fields of
> interest to preservationists and filmmakers.
> Note that most entities are no longer being produced or for sale, and that
> these are the raw materials of cinema and not finished works of
> art/entertainment (although an anecdotal field might certainly indicate
> that a notable film was shot or printed on that stock).
> Does anyone know of structured data work being done in this area? I've
> asked on a few appropriate film mailing lists and will raise the question
> at a conference next week but I thought some folks in this world might now.
> Thanks in advance.
> Eric


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