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Re: Addresses in Mexico

From: Hans Polak <info@polak.es>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2020 12:38:52 +0200
To: public-schemaorg@w3.org
Message-ID: <9ec70a3f-f9e0-8fc7-3ceb-44c819195858@polak.es>
Hi Hugh,

I'm a Spanish resident.

The Schema from my own website is:

<div class="footer" itemprop=address itemscope 
     <span class="footer_item" itemprop="name">Hans Polak</span>
     <span class="footer_item"><a href="tel:+34669765160">+34 
     <span class="footer_item" itemprop="streetAddress">c/ San Antonio 
     <span class="footer_item" itemprop="postalCode">10.470</span>
     <span class="footer_item" itemprop="addressLocality">Villanueva de 
la Vera</span>
     <span class="footer_item">Cáceres</span>
     <span class="footer_item"><a 
     <span hidden itemprop="addressRegion">CC</span>
     <span hidden itemprop="addressCountry">ES</span>

Mexico seems to be more complicated. I think you might use serviceArea 
<https://schema.org/serviceArea> for the colonia.

Yours sincerely,
Hans Polak

On 1/9/20 11:40, Hugh Paterson III wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am wondering if anyone has examples of mailing addresses for Mexico 
> marked up in schema.org <http://schema.org> (JSON+LD prefered).
> I'm particularly interested to know what was done with the colonia.
> cf: 
> https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/how-to-write-an-address-in-spanish (the 
> main part of the page is about spain, but there is an example further 
> down for Mexico. see also: 
> https://docs.informatica.com/data-as-a-service/address-verification/h2l/address-verification-best-practices-for-mexico-addresses/mexico-addresses/address-format-and-address-structure.html
> Of the 13 examples at https://schema.org/PostalAddress
> Only one has a non-USA address. Number 11 has an address for France, 
> but as I live in France, the address in the example doesn't seem to be 
> as expressive as it should be. Immediately I can see that the country 
> is not specifically annotated.
> It looks like the same FRANCE example is presented under 
> https://schema.org/streetAddress as example #2.
> all the best,
> Hugh
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